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10 Attractions You Can"t Miss When Visiting Cape Town South Africa

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1. Table MountainTable Mountain is arguably the most iconic image of Cape Town. Standing at the top should top everyone"s list of things to do before you die". Take the leisurely route in the slowly revolving cable car, or alternately hike to the top. Either way you won"t regret it when you get to enjoy the sight of Cape Town and surrounds from the Table top!

2. V & A WaterfrontSituated at the Cape Town Harbour basin, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the most...

10 Holiday Sales Tips: How To Cash In On The Season

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With the holiday season ramping up, shoppers are coming online in droves. In fact, online holiday sales this year are predicted to increase twenty percent, as consumers grow more and more accustomed to the ease and convenience of shopping online. Internet business advisor Ana Rincon (http://OnlineBusiness.About.com) reveals ten tips for increasing your online sales over the holiday season:

1.Finetune your website. The biggest buying season of the year is not the time to h...

10 Reasons To Start A Your Own Coastal Vacations Business

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More and more people from all walks of life are jumping online to make money from a homebased business. They want to work parttime, fulltime, any timeto get away form the daily office grind, the water cool gossip gang, low wages, poor to zero benefits, unthankful bosses, demanding hours, zero to little vacation time and more. And rising costs everywhere add to the seriousness of starting a homebased business. From high prices for food to automobile fuel to clothi...

10 Reasons Why Your Family Should Go On A Disney Cruise

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1. You have children age 12 and underEvery child should experience the magic of Disney at some point during their childhood. It is a special trip they will never forget and will cherish forever. The only way they"ll ever experience Castaway Cay is aboard a Disney vessel. A Disney cruise is an excellent way to experience everything Disney has to offer.

2. You have teenagersDisney cruises realized long ago that small children grow older and developed programs for tee...

10 Romantic Honeymoon & Holiday Destinations

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Sure, anywhere is romantic with the one you love, but some destinations just cry romance. Some of my favorites are:

1.Paris Whats not to love about the "City of ights"? The citys architecture, parks, and monuments are beautiful any time of year. Plus, its next to impossible to get a bad meal in this town. Add dozens of interesting museums, the picturesque Seine River, some of the worlds best shopping, and that Paris charm, and youve got a winner.

2.New York City...

10 Things Travelers Need When Visiting Cape Town

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Cape Town is a beautiful city with rich cultural events and the top 5 attractions in all of South Africa. When you visit Cape Town, South Africa, you will need to make sure you are prepared, so your trip will be more enjoyable. The more preparation you do before you leave, the less you have to worry about once you get there. Then you will be free to relax and enjoy your visit.

1. Sun ProtectionThe sun in South Africa can be harsh, so you"ll need to wear sun protective ...

10 Tips When Buying Travel Insurance

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Although perhaps not the most glamorous topic in the world, travel insurance is nonetheless an essential part of the holiday process. And unlike the fairly straightforward process of asking which hotel should I stay in?" getting the right travel insurance can be as confusing as it is frustrating!
This is, hopefully, where I come in. As the managing director of Insuremore (http://www.insuremore.co.uk) I like to think I know a fair bit about the whole area. I"ve assembled t...

10 Travel Adventures That Won"t Break The Bank

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Dreaming of taking a Big Trip in 2007? Finances a bit tight? Well, take a look at the following destinations.
Magic, thrills and adventure, yes. But for the budgetconscious globetrotter, what"s equally important is that these are places where your dollars will stretch a long, long way. As a travel writer, I"m lucky enough to have experienced all 10but I"d love to revisit every single one as a vacationer.
VietnamVietnam packs a lot into its borders. Highlights in...

10 Ways To Fix Spoiled Family Trips

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1) Have a family meeting to decide where you will go. Try to pick a destination which offers something for everyone from Dad who only wants to lie in a hammock and drink something alcoholic while listening to the games of his favorite sports team; to the teenagers who want to be any where except where their parents are; to the toddlers who are more interested in the ground level attractions like insects and discarded chewing gum, than they are in any sort of scenery.

2) Wh...

10 Ways To Make The Most Your Time At Bangkok"s New Airport. Suvarnabhumi

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1. Make some new friends. People from all over the world are commuting though the same point as you; why not strike up a conversation?

2. If it"s your first time at the new airport, whip out your digital camera and take a video clip. This is the world biggest airport, and as we all know it"s taken the longest to build, so take advantage.

3. Using the moving sidewalk like a treadmill. Why bother paying for a pricey fitness center?

4. Don"t forget to call your honey be...

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